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Roidal Swimwear

Roidal swimwear was founded in the late seventies and specialises in the design and creation of women's swimwear that is elegant, sophisticated and highly exclusive. This family-run company began its operations in Spain, where it designed swimwear for select clientele, and has since grown worldwide.  The making of Roidal swimwear is subject to the most stringent standards of quality control and only high quality textiles and raw materials are used.

Combine this with their sensational designs which are of course designed by their own team and exclusive to Roidal. The result is the creation of a beachwear wardrobe for the elegant and sophisticated woman.

At Caroline Randell the 2016 season we would not be without the Roidal swimwear: Canne, Ariane, Gala, Megan, and Venus ranges! 

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

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