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As one of Europe's leading lingerie brands, Lejaby takes pride in manufacturing stylish and sophisticated lingerie. Lejaby's experience ensures that their lingerie is feminine and contemporary while still maintaining a perfect fitting bra and brief.

Behind the comfort, charm and seduction of each lejaby item is a complex process in order to produce high quality finishes. You may be surprised that over 50 elements are required to make one of their bras. From everyday wear to the most exceptional collections, each lejaby creation is the fruit of a long specific process to provide you with impeccable quality using cutting-edge innovations. Each collection offers contemporary women the chance to express their personalities and individual style through unique and innovative ranges.Lejaby can be perceived as a younger brand but also incorporates classic styles for all ages.

This year Lejaby lingerie is celebrating it's 130th anniversary - testament to their success in the lingerie industry. 


2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Caroline Randell | Wimbledon


Caroline Randell

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