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Charmline "Look One Size Slimmer" Swimwear fashions with a slimming effect thanks to forming fabrics.

Having invented and introduced shapewear into the field of swimwear, Charmline guarantees a perfect fit, optimum wearability and exclusive quality materials. Women with small problem areas cannot do without this combination. Caroline Randell thinks that the clever cuts and placed prints enhance the popular slimming effect amongst the ladies.

The new Charmline Collection defines functional fashion, turning the pieces into instant favourites. Next to the popular quick-drying Charmline material, there is also a new, ultra-matt material, developed exclusively for the Charmline Collection. This material is characterized by its especially dry feel. The matt look adds to the slimming effect. Charmline is helping all women who want to enjoy the swimsuit season and their pasta!


Caroline Randell recommends these 2016 lines: Rainbow Lines and Colour Crossing.

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1 Item(s)

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