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Cashmere by Caroline Randell

At Caroline Randell we are very proud to introduce our own beautiful Cashmere collection. Over the last seven years we have been listening to our customers who have asked for good quality Cashmere loungewear and outerwear.  What we offer is sumptuously soft 100% Cashmere, which is machine washable and won't bobble.

Our Cashmere yarn comes from the high steppes of Outer Mongolia and is carefully hand-combed to ensure ultimate quality. The harsher the conditions the better the undercoat, which is why our hardy goats endure bitter temperatures to produce a soft downy undercoat.

Our loungewear/outerwear collections offers cosy joggers which feel gentle on the skin, relaxed tops and cardigans for an ultimate chilled out vibe. The luxurious 100% cashmere robes are the ultimate luxe nightwear item and we cannot recommend them more highly!

If you want to feel warm and super cosy why not give them a go?



2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

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